How Promotional Products Fit In With the Modern Consumer

Marketers often struggle with the challenge to improve resonance and recall with their audience. While, there are other methods to appease their audience; it has been proven that promotional products and giveaways make a considerable way to please a customer.

The reason behind this theory is that promotional items are timeless, and they have always been a valuable asset to advertising. In this article, we will learn the importance of promotional products in fitting with modern consumer’s taste and preferences, and we will reflect on the “reach” and “resonance” part of the hypotheses:


Reach is the most influential and impactful metric used for measuring the efficiency of promotional products. They help with driving a considerable percentage of brand exposure, which benefits a business immensely. One of the obvious facts about using promotional items is that the reach of the promotional items is impeccable, and it certainly goes beyond the recipient, as the product would intrigue the onlooker and bystanders.

It reinforces the idea of increasing brand image, and it helps with escalating the exposure of the promotional items. Let’s take a look at the following statistical information:

  • Nearly 28% of the consumers have confirmed that they learn about promotional products almost every day; however, an average promotional product recipient is in contact with the products at all times.
  • Approximately 81% of the consumers tend to keep the products in their possessions for up to a year.
  • Nearly 8 in 10 customers tend to give the product to their friends or colleague, if they do not find it useful for themselves.

It is no wonder that the role of advertising excessively is to create resonance with customers to help them build a brand on a personal level. It enables a long-term relationship between a consumer and a brand, and it allow a consumer to relate to the brand, and using promotional products harbours a relationship between a consumer and business effectively.

For instance, it has been revealed that upon receiving a promotional item; nearly 71% of the recipients felt happy, 52% felt interested, and nearly 46% of the recipients were interested in making a purchase from the business.